Dr. Om Johari passed away on March 18, 2015, at his home in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.

He touched the lives of many people, near and far, young and old, friends and strangers.

This page is devoted to his memory. Please send your memories to remember.omjohari@gmail.com.

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  • From Magh Raj and Om Prakash Phophaliyas

    First of all we submit our heartfelt condolences on the demise of your father Shri Omji Johari on 18.03.2015. We pray to the Almighty for granting peace to the departed soul and give strength and courage to all the family members for this irreparable loss in this hour of bereavement.

  • From Basant Kalra

    I came in contact with Dr Om Johari, when he visited Delhi about 2 years back. He conducted evening camp at Osho Centre, Malviya Nagar. I was just bowled over by his humility and deep understanding of meditation and right way of living which he learnt from OSHO and other great masters. He shared his experience about Diabetes and other disorders afflicting many people. He was fully aware of latest research and all of us benefited from him. After that he was regularly sending meditation texts compiled after devoting lot of time & effort. I salute him for endless zeal to help others, who are trying to become peaceful & be in harmony with source of life.

  • From Dolores Weichmann

    I have learned so much from Dr. Johari in his classes. I think of him often as I use his teachings on meditation. He was a wonderful teacher.

  • From Peg Miller

    It is with great sadness that I write this memory. Om was patient, kind and very knowledgeable. When our AARP Driver Safety website was started, I wasn’t very good at it. He patiently taught me the way. He was a born leader and educator. His time with us was too short, but he made the most of that time. I am proud to have known this great man. He will live on in our hearts.

    Peg Miller, Senior Program Director

  • From Donna Tamaski

    I attended many sessions of meditation with Om and must say that he was an amazing man. I know that he would not say or even think that of himself, but he gave so much to so many for nothing in return. Stubborn? Oh yes he was, he would not even think of accepting a gift of appreciation for all that he did for us in his classes. I learned a lot from him and will continue some of the meditation practices that I learned from him.

  • From Milos Kalab

    Dr. Om Johari will be remembered by food microscopists for having included them in 1979 in the international Scanning Electron Microscopy meetings which he used to organize. In 1982, he added the Food Microstructure journal to his publication program. It was later renamed Food Structure. - Om had a great understanding for microscopists from developing countries and he used to provide them with financial support to attend the meetings and to meet colleagues on a global scale, thus contributing to their scientific development and growth, if their manuscripts had been accepted for publication. It was very regrettable when, apparently for health reasons, he discontinued publishing the well-known journal at the end of 1993. By then, the seed of food microstructure studies had already been sown and they are flourishing nowadays again. Om will be remembered as one of their founders.

  • From Amy Zera

    Such a wonderful man. I learned so much from his meditation classes!

  • From Manu Bhatt


  • From Sunil Mehrotra

    Dear Om,

  • From Indra Somani

    I first met Om Johari in 1970 in Chicago and was immediately drawn to him by his charming personality and his great interest and knowledge about numerous stories in the epic Mahabharata of which he was a keen student. As years went by, I became very close to Om and his wife, Anu; Saroj and I used to visit his home very often. Om had a lot of free time in those days. We spent many hours together. Visiting Morton Arboretum, Sand Dunes of National Lake Shore, and several State Parks of Northern Indiana. As time went bye, Om’s interest shifted from the epic Mahabharata to the teachings of Rajneesh who was later known as Osho. I was deeply interested in the teachings of J. Krishnamurti. Even though there are some differences, there is also some similarity in their respective teachings that further deepened my relationship with Om. We have spent many hours together having philosophical conversations and exchange of ideas. Over the course of time, our friendship grew deeper. Om knew a lot of people and introduced me to quite a few of his friends. We used to visit their homes together. Some of them became my close friends also.

  • From Gajendra and Rani Maheswari

    To say Om Uncle was a very dynamic personality, is an understatement of his persona. Each time we met him, we learnt numerous things and tried to follow the same in our life. He may not be physically with us today, but he will stay alive in our memories forever!

  • From Satya Niranjan

    Thank you very much for sending the eulogy of Beloved Om Bhai Saab. Though I enjoyed intimate friendship with him I did not know so many glorious achievements of his career. That was his great quality not to mention his successes. In my 10 years of intimacy with him I got to learn so many good things from him. I would mention a few of them which brought qualitative change in my life.

  • From Dan Tranter

    The following message was sent to Om by Dan just one week before Om’s passing:

  • From Patricia McClean

    I heard a presentation at the Cook library in Libertyville this winter– I so enjoyed his meditations–I knew right away that I was listening to a very special person.

  • From Laurel McGill

    My sweetest memory of Om was many years ago when I worked for him and SEMI. I would come from St. Louis and stay a weekend or several weeks. Om and Anu shared their home with me each time. Late one night, I was still on the computer and everyone else was in bed. Om came down and told me to take a break. Sitting at the kitchen table, he peeled and gave me my first pomegranate, telling me how his father would peel them for him in just the same way when he was a boy. I was touched that he would share that story with me.

  • From Judy Resele

    First came disbelief, then grief, but after the Johari family shared their story of Om’s life, I moved to gratitude – a place I think Om would prefer me to be. I am grateful he was able to live his life to its end on his terms. I am grateful for the years of meditation instruction. I am grateful for special phrases he used during his lessons that I took to heart, like “thy will be done” and “if inside is right outside does not matter” and “what is is; what is not is not; so be it”. Another of my favorites is not from Om, but I think he would approve: A life is only to be mourned if it has been wasted. Om did not waste his life and to honor that I will remain in gratitude. Thank you, Om, for caring and sharing your life with us.

  • From Deborah Flanagan

    Last summer, I contacted Om Johari asking for guidance with some issues with my teenage son.

  • From Nancy Tirado

    I am grateful to have met Dr. Johari through his meditation classes. I will never forget his gentle, humble nature and message of living life mindfully and with gratitude.

  • From Shalini Parekh

    Shalini Parekh has provided the following remembrance as part of the “From the Community” section of the Chicago Tribune:

  • From Daxa Sanghvi

    It was quite a shock to hear about Dr. Om Johari’s passing away. I always felt he had a very peaceful aura about him, which was very calming. I had a few email conversations with him and he was always open, accepting and giving. He was grateful for every interaction, which reminded me of having a positive outlook and be grateful. He will be definitely missed. May his soul rest in peace.

  • From Tejbhan Gupta

    Om & I joined IIT , Kharagpur at the same time Our Branches were different . He was in Metallurgical Engg. & I was in Electrical Engg. We were next door neighbours for 4 years . In Radha Krishnan Hall of Residence , his Room No. was 324 C & mine was 325 C.

  • From Cheryl Carlin

    I was a very little girl but I do remember Om. He was a very gentle soul…I was living with my granny Kram back then. I’m so sorry for your loss. Peace be with you all. Cheryl Spell (Carlin)

  • From Renu and Suresh Gami

    This is my feeble, though sincere, attempt to touch everybody who had been ‘ Touched’ by Respected Dr. Johari Saheb during his sojourn in this world. The journey, like a river,ran its course and finally merged and became one with its destination. Om…..mmmmm…..

    One can only attempt, but can never fully justify the process of creating a word-picture of this multi-faceted gem of an individual. Family members,relatives,friends, business associates and many many more individuals came to know him based upon their own perspective and need, and he did his BIT so efficiently and seemingly effortlessly! I have witnessed him in action with awe and admiration. Wow, such a clarity, such an empathy, such an indomitable energy, combined with pure humility, and yes, force. His direct and courageous way of dealing with life and people made him stand apart.

    I came to know him because of quarterly music get-togethers that he arranged in his home for many many years. Slowly, I got introduced to spiritual aspect, reading through and practicing Osho’s books and meditation avenues.Once again, words of thankfulness and gratitude are not going to suffice to justify the depth of emotions, so I ‘LET IT BE’.

    His vision of life has become purified, transperant and very clear to him over the period of time and he persued it unflinchingly. To us, it seemed so effortless, so simple, yet so huge!!

    Let me just say this– In the deep cave of my heart, there is a flowing stream where I would just sit by and watch small pearls of his memory float by…..


  • From Bob Basofin

    I entered your father’s meditation class in March, 2014 as a skeptic, just seeking an afternoon out of the house. I originally thought that the breathing et al was nonsense. However, I returned the following week and just about every week for the past year. Om made a believer out of me, because he allowed the audience member to think about his message rather than “preaching.” I came to respect him so much as a teacher. How many people in our lives have had a transformational effect? In addition, I took his drivers’ ed course and found it most practical: from meditation to driver ed…amazing!

    I attended both the chapel service and the one at the Palatine Public Library, and the words were simply beautiful and inspiring. What a sui generis individual!

  • From Sunil

    I am fond of Om immediately after first meeting of ours during his India visit in year 2013. I am regularly in wait of his e mails on different topics of life. He has great understanding of life which he shared with all with open hands. His words “with love and gratitude Om” also light my path like Om himself came before me. Om has justifies the existence of unbroken sound within every one i.e om the ultimate mantra of life on every human being. with regards and love to Him Om………………………..

  • From JS Rathore

    Our dear Dr. Om Johri was an enlightened soul - full of love sharing his Atma Gyan with all helping them on the spiritual path. We read in Srimad Bhagavad Gita that Lord Krishna gave this knowledge to Arjun. Krishna calls this knowledge not just Guhya but most secret. Krishna gives this knowledge that inevitably leads to that Supreme Knowledge. Dr. Om Johri kept this tradition of Avatars and Spiritual Seers by not only imparting this knowledge freely but also by holding the hands of seekers of Truth and guiding them on the path. I salute Dr. Om Johri.

  • From Yvonne Burgess

    I remember Om as a visitor to our home in San Francisco when I was a little girl. My father Joseph Kram’s elder brother Michael was Om’s friend at UC Berkeley.

  • From Marlene Hayman

    Your father was loved and will be missed by all who knew him. My life was enriched by what he taught, and I follow his stress management techniques and laughter daily. HeHe, HoHo, HawHawHaw.

  • From Cindy Shaw

    I had just retired from 32 years of teaching last June. I decided I was going to focus on enriching my mind, body, and spirit. I saw that the Palatine library had a meditation program each week. That sounded perfect. I signed up and attended my first program in June.

  • From Hari Om Prakash Srivastava

    We are unable to reconsile that our Dear friend om johari is no more with us. We are all his class mates at IIT Kharagpur.our deepest condolence on this occasion. May God rest his soul in peace.

  • From JP Totla

    I met Dr OM JOHARI in Rishikesh in Osho Ganga Dham. I was in a group and when we met. He discussed various health matters and specially the benefits of Coconut and its oil for the benefit of the body. He was very thorough in Osho Mediation and at my request started sending me his Views on Osho Meditation on regular basis. I carry his loving memories and Pray God to give him place in his feet.

  • From Kailash Jain

    Sarla and I are deeply saddened by the passing of your father, Dr. Om Johari. We have known Dr, Johari (Saab) for over 25 years and Maheshji through your heart felt and beautifully written eulogy we learned lot more about his exemplary academic, professional accomplishments, and honors. His generosity and kindness knew no bounds. About ten years ago it was a great privilege for us to take an “Om Johari tour of Chicago” It was so much fun at Bahai temple. During his visits to Detroit his presentations at our home and at Troy community center demonstrated his dedication, selfless, and exemplary character to help, teach, and inspire all the attendees and that will always be cherished. His emails on health, wellness, and spiritual upliftment were and still are a great source knowledge and wisdom. God bless you Dr. Johari. You will be greatly missed and we salute you for having touched our lives.

  • From Shalini Bafna

    As I stepped on to Chicago for the first time as a newly wed, Johari Uncle came to the airport to pick us up. He was simply dressed in a white kurta pajama. We went to their humble abode and instantly I realized that Uncle was a simple man inside and outside. I have had the pleasure of his visits several time to our house. I remember the many discussions that I have had with Uncle about religion, meditation, dance, dietary needs, raising children, etc… He never got upset when I disagreed with his views and always left you thinking about a different perspective. I really respect Uncle as he lived and died the way he desired. “Jo hora he hone do” was really his life motto. If I learned anything from Uncle, it is that life will offer many negative situations but you can control your reaction to any situation. Thank you Uncle for giving so much of your time in teaching us about life. May your soul rest in peace.

  • From Marsha Cohen

    Dr. Om Johari was a remarkable man who had a profound impact on me and many other participants in library meditation classes. He will be greatly missed. May peace be with you all.

  • From Raj and Ritu Koul

    We happened to attend a Hindu Satsang event at Lemont temple where Om ji was one of the speakers. We got introduced to Om ji after his presentation. The topic he discussed was how to live life in present, the example he used was eating with awareness, living in present, a “raisin” was handed over to everyone in the audience and asked to smell, taste and feel and raisin, experience of being in present and eating with awareness was different.

  • From Kathryn Kemp

    I didn’t know your father well. I met him during training in October 2013. I saw him again at our Christmas meeting. He was very gracious to all in attendance. My prayers are with your family as you go though the cycles of grief.

  • From Peggy Arnello

    A most sincere thank you to Om’s, wife, sons, and family for writing and sharing the story of his life. It was meaningful to have the opportunity to learn more about him and I was touched by the love and dedication that went into writing it. I met him at the Elk Grove meditation class and he was quite a remarkable person, who left a lasting impression. He transferred wonderful meditation techniques to his students helping us to achieve calmness and fullness in life. I am saddened to hear of his death and deeply sorry for your loss. I wish you peace in the beautiful memories you have of him.

  • From SuLing Coorlim

    Om Johari is such a powerful teacher who has lead by example in life as in death.

  • From Linda Geer

    Om is a wonderfully spirited soul. He taught me not to let others hinder or control your thoughts and to look within. I will miss his e-mail of knowledge and guidance for there is nothing free in this world but to free yourselves and Om was a generous man indeed.

  • From Kathy Brown

    I had the privilege of knowing Dr. Om for only a very brief time. I attended his weekly meditation classes at Palatine Public Library. From the very first week, I knew my good fortune to encounter such a person. He was generous with his time, knowledge and materials and he very positively impacted my life at a time of great personal transition. I think of him daily and will remember him as I continue to be his student.

  • From Mukesh Maheshwari

    OM Uncle was always a big inspiration to all of us and will remain forever in our memory. He was very caring, sensitive, and helpful. His attitude was of positive thinking, when something went wrong, he would say let us think on how to resolve, will find some solution and will comfort you with positive thoughts.

  • From Merle

    Om Johari impacted so many more lives than possible in just our Northbrook community. A gentle beautiful human being with so many gentle ways to deliver so much information. Thanks for allowing us to know more about him. He had such a calming affect on so many!

  • From Tansukh and Bharati Salgia

    We are very shocked to receive the sad news of passing on of Johari Sab. Please accept our sincere heartfelt condolences. We all have very fond memory of him and kindness he showered everywhere. We will miss him very much.

    May God give all of you strength to bear this irreplaceable loss it this time. We shall always pray for you and departed soul. May his soul rest in peace.

    Again please accept our sincere condolences.

  • From Paul Reining

    So sorry and so sad. I knew Dr. Johari as a meditation instructor in Elk Grove Village. He seemed to be knowledgeable and enthusiastic, a lovely man.

  • From Subhash Sharma

    It was indeed a shock to hear the sudden news about Dr. Johari’s passing away. What I remember the most about him was his humility and humble disposition. He never bragged about all his academic and professional accomplishments and accolades that he earned during his life and career. His dedication, selfless, and exemplary contributions to society will always be cherished in our hearts, and inspire many lives that he touched.

  • From the Swaminathans

    We are sorry to hear about Dr. Om Johari’s demise. We were fortunate to be a part of the music group for a long time and always enjoyed his interest in hosting it, making sure everybody got a chance to sing and more importantly that people listened to every artist performing! Sending you all strength to bear the loss and may his soul rest in peace.

  • From KL Jajoo and Family

    It’s really very sad that ours Bhai Sahib Dr. Om Johri is now not with us. I pray God to help you and your family to bear this irreparable loss. I got in touch with Bhai Sahib in 1967 and till last I was associated with him. The eulogy attached by you is truly terrific and I was not fully aware earlier. Such type of literacy and simplicity is seen very seldom. Om Bhai Sahib was very neat and constantly taught us new things every time. Last visit In India he spent lots of time with our family. The hours we sat with him enjoyed so many matters. That time we never though that this will be the last sitting with him.

    He was very great and taught us how we can enjoy our lifetime with outstanding ease. We never forget Bhai Sahib. He will forever be with us in our recollection.

  • From Sushma Bhanot

    I am really saddened to know that Dr. Johari has left us for heavenly abode to be among the Angels like himself. I met Dr. Johari about six years ago when he came to share his wisdoms with our senior group at Share A Smile Chicago organization and he has left an indelible mark on my perspective of life. He taught me how to be a good human being and give selflessly. He will forever be missed. May his soul rest in peace.

  • From Laura Ellefson

    I am so sad to hear that Om has passed away. My prayers go to his family. He was a wonderful teacher. His meditation classes were truly wonderful. I loved it when he would laugh. He taught me a lot. I will never forget him.

  • From Cynthia George

    Thank you for contacting us about your father. I was shocked and greatly saddened by this news. My deepest condolences to you and your family.

  • From Roxanne Barto

    Om is my rock. He has taught me how to meditate and has provided me with the tools I need for inspiration and meditation. He has taught me many types of meditation from laughing to grieving. As I grieve with the family, I look to his spirit for enlightenment. Thank you Om. You will always be by my side. You have taught me how to find peace in my life.

  • From Iris Hohe

    Such a gentle man, and a gentleman. I treasure those Tuesday evenings I spent learning from Dr. Johari.

  • From Maryanne Forde

    Dr. Johari was a very devoted and organized leader of the AARP program in Illinois. His abilities and hard work for driver safety were above average. He will certainly be missed by all who worked with him.

  • From Umesh Sharma

    1973 I met Om ji in his music gathering. I was supposed to be one of singer. In few minutes Om told me you are next, In my humble way I said let others…

  • From Janet Behnke

    Both in joy and sadness, I will miss Dr. Om Johari, my “Go To Man” for spiritual teachings, renewal of self, serenity and sometimes, a good dose of humor.


  • From John Beringer

    I had only one occasion to deal with Om Johari. This was with regard to an Instructor transfer from Illinois to California. He was most helpful and struck me as an exceptional person. I’m sure he will be missed by all.

    John M. Beringer, Sr., California State Coordinator

  • From Jo Ann Krones

    My deepest sympathy and condolences to Om’s family. I met Om during his meditation presentations at the Schaumburg library. He opened my mind and heart to the wonderful benefits that meditation could bring to our lives. Shortly after my own dad passed away in 2012, I talked to Om about my grief and he sent me a beautiful meditation on death and grief that I still read and re-read to this day. Just being in his presence and hearing his calming, soft voice was always such a comfort. What a wonderfully humble, spiritually wise man he was. He touched so many lives. I’ll miss him and receiving his email texts of meditations. May God rest his soul in peace. My prayers to the Johari family for strength during this sad time.

  • From Judy Faulkner

    Om was a wonderful man and an inspiring teacher. It was a privilege to know him. He will be greatly missed. Judy Faulkner

  • From Blaise Dierks

    I met Om when I coordinated with him to give his Laughter Yoga talk at the River Forest Public Library. This was several years ago and people still remember the talk. Om is not a person easily forgotten and I’m so sorry to learn of his passing. What a truly amazing person Om was! I hope you and your family are comforted by all of the fond words regarding Om.

  • From Ashish Joshi

    Hi , I am really sad to know this. I met him a couple of years back in OSHO Ganga dham in Rishikesh and then in Delhi. He was a remarkable person He was one rare person who was able to grasp vision of OSHO and imbibe them in this life.

  • From Jack and Elaine Konko

    I wish to express my condolence to the family and to the rest of us who will miss Om’s presence. He was generous with his time, energy, and teachings for our benefit. He will be missed, but his teachings and spirit will always be with us.

  • From Marlene Bourdelais

    As one of the many AARP instructors I found Om to be fair, easy to work with, and dedicated to the program. He will be missed.

  • From Iona

    I am sorry for your loss! A few years back, Om helped me through some health problems. He sent emails and educational information on meditation to help with the pain. He was there any time I called. I will mess him very much. AARP vol. Iona

  • From Vasant Jajoo

    It was shocking for us to receive this news on 19th March. We couldn’t believe it & hence had it confirmed from other common friends.

    I used to visit Rolling Meadows, IL frequently during 2002-2006 & had the privilege to meet Om Masaji & Anu Masi. He was really a amazing person who had the ability to easily “connect” with a diverse set of people and with all age groups (I’m 30 yrs younger to him). I also had the privilege to take a “Om Johari tour of Chicago” along with him. During his India visits, he has also been with us at our home in Bangalore and had given some talks. We had several common interests viz. Health, Wellness, Food, Spirituality et.al. and of course that we are alumnus from IIT – Kharagpur.

    I used to be always amazed at his zeal, enthusiasm & knowledge on diverse subjects and I would always draw out some enthusiasm from him into my life.

    It was pleasure to hear that he was so “aware” during his last moments & is very fortunate to have such a peaceful departure.

  • From Dick Deranian

    I knew Dr. Johari only briefly as a candidate for the AARP Safe Driver Course. While the time we spent together was brief he made an immediate awareness on me that here was a gentle, firm and intelligent person with a gift for life. He will be missed by many of us. God bless his life and memory.

  • From Sulu Kapoor

    I am very sorry to hear about Om Johari’s sudden demise. I never met him in person but I feeI I owe him much gratitude for guiding me towards a better health. Kamala told me about how Om controlled his sugar thru diet and exercise. This prompted me to start a dialogue with him thru E-mail. He told me about the diet he followed and about the benefits of coconut oil. I have been following his advice for the last 2 years and it has made a big difference in my life.

  • From Uday Mathur

    I was on the email list that was circulated notifying all about the passing of Dr. Johari on 18 March 2015.

  • From Akhilesh Gupta

    As his name was so immortal so were his deeds and loving gratitude for everyone he met.He sacrificed his life for his principals and ideals and teach others how to live a life of Nishkama Karma in a very simple way possible.I salute him for his generosity and humanity wherever he may be.Blessings from my heart. Akhilesh Gupta

  • From Vijaya Shankar

    It is indeed a great loss to the community by his sudden demise. Got to know Om Ji through the meditation sessions/classes at the Wheeling Library. Had the opportunity of meeting his wife too a few times, while she was there at the library to take him to the airport right after the session. We benefitted from his class learning different perspectives in life. He was kind enough giving time meeting me personally at the library after the class couple of times answering patiently explaining the text clarifying any doubts. He was calm, jovial, passionate with the subject and practicing/living unattached to material life. Saw him last before he left for India and connected with email receiving texts and class schedule till recently.

  • From Mudita Rastogi

    My deepest condolences to you and your family on the passing of your father, Dr. Om Johari. His selfless public service enhanced the lives of scores of people. I referred some of my patients to his numerous classes on meditation and they all benefited from learning from him. He will be missed!

  • From Trish

    Dr. Om so often quoted Osho who had this to say about death:

  • From Rajendra Nath

    Om Johari was a very dear friend and we were together for 4 years in RK Hall at IIT Kharagpur. He was a brilliant, simple and god fearing person. May his soul rest in peace. My heartfelt condolences to all his family members. Pray God gives them strength to bear this big loss.

  • From Alka and Navin Tyle

    May Dr Johari’s soul rest in peace and may God give you and the entire Johari family the strength to bear his unexpected loss.

  • From Sangeeta Bhargava

    This world is full of humans, but very few know how to live like one…or perhaps some humans are simply much higher humans. Dr. Johari, a highly educated and intelligent man was so simple and humble, that just knowing him and his philosophy was a treat. My heart warms up when I think of him. I know I was very fortunate to have known him personally & listened to his talks. He had just one message for us: be grateful and be mindful. I hope I will have the power to remember this again and again. I know Dr. Johari would have said, “Don’t worry if you forget, just come back when you remember and continue without analyzing it”. God bless you Dr. Johari. You were such a special person. You showed many of us how to live our lives.

  • From Mathew John

    I’m deeply saddened by the passing of your father, Dr. Om Johari. He was such a fine man and whoever touched his life has become his friend. I’m such a lucky guy. I have had an opportunity to witness his passion, dedication and loyalty to his job when I got my training as a driver safety instructor candidate. He was a man with deep conviction and sincerity. He loved to help others even after his death. He will be missed for a very long time and I will keep all of you in my prayers as you are going through the most difficult time of your lives.

  • From Mohammad Mohiuddin

    I wish I had the occasion to communicate with you under better circumstances. It is never easy to lose a loved one, no matter at what age. Words seem inadequate to express the sadness I feel about Dr. Johari.

  • From Michael Tracy

    Om – My Thank You for accepting me as a AARP instructor in 2011.

  • From Mary Ellen

    Om Johari was a treasure to the world So many lives were touched by his wisdom and generous spirit. His kindness knew no bounds. May he rest in peace. He surely will be missed by countless whose lives he touched. My deep condolences to the family.

  • From Margarita Patmore

    Om… I met you just seven weeks ago… and yet… you left footprints in my heart!

  • From Janet Street

    My first memory of him was as instructor of the AARP Driver Safety class that I attended in 2012. He was thorough and help me to adjust the side mirrors on my car.

  • From Pauline Reeves

    I have known Dr. Johari for about twenty five years. I am so sad to read of his passing. He was an amazing man to say the least. I feel privileged to have spoken many times with him. He will be missed by many.

    Thank you Dr. Johari for having touched my life.

  • From Ed and Ann Niewiadomski

    My husband and I had the pleasure of attending his AARP Driving school..and in doing so..became attached to your dad.. magically to his words….. I got his newsletters..and so appreciated his views on life..feelings and all.. Please accept our deepest sympathy…Great loss…

  • From Kalyan Chakravarti

    Om was my class mate in IIT Kharagpur. He visited my house in Pune, where he had a friend, Dr Trivedi, who live close to me. He was a person of multiple talents. He excelled in his studies, and to the best of my knowledge, is to date, the only Metallurgical Engineer who won the president’s gold medal of IIT Kharagpur.

  • From Carolyn Dow

    When I last saw Om leading what I didn’t know then was going to be his last meditation session at the Arlington Heights Senior Center on Monday, March 9th, I could see that he was standing differently and was not quite as jovial as his usual self. Thank you so much for letting us all know what happened to our dedicated teacher.

  • From Elizabeth Barry

    Thanks you so much for taking the time to write everyone and for the details of Om’s life and death.

  • From Jessica Pollitt

    Om Johari will be sorely missed at the Fox Lake District Library by staff and patrons alike. He frequently taught both meditation and AARP Driver Safety classes here. He was always an upbeat and kind person that everyone wanted to be around and I personally really enjoyed the opportunity to work with him and to get to know him.

  • From Lucy Francis

    During a meditation class at the Palatine Library, Dr. Johari talked about death. He explained that in death “I am not here.”
    That one short sentence has helped me deal with the loss of many loved ones. The time comes when we are all not here. Life will go on as it is meant to.

  • From Bobbi Fields

    I attended the visitation and service for Om yesterday. It was beautiful. For those who don’t know, he died from a cancer that they found out about last November or so. He didn’t want chemo treatments and then several days ago had surgery, went home and had a heart attack. Of course he was not afraid of dying and he told his son to go to sleep while he was dying. Doesn’t that sound just like him? The last thing he said to us at last week’s class was to look at your loved ones with deep gratitude that they are in your life. There are few people that have had such a deep effect as he did. He taught us how to destress ourselves. What a gift.

  • From Peter Somani

    Kamlesh and I are extremely sorry to read your e-mail informing us about your father, Dr. Om Johari. Although I had only brief personal contact with him, I have known much about him from my elder brother. Indra Bhai Saheb always talked to me about Dr. Johri’s conviction, and self-attestation, about well the low carbohydrate/high protein diet controlled Type II diabetes. He was an early believer in this concept, who now is proving to be right!! Thanks for sharing his bio. We will remember his sharing his expertise and humor with us. We wish his departed soul to rest in peace in Heaven.

  • From Joe Kohli

    He was a modern day saint. We miss him. Every time if someone asked me a spiritual question, or I had a question; all I had to do was think and next day his email contained the answer. I never had to ask him the question, somehow through divine intervention I always got the answer from him. Attached is a copy of the blog I wrote the day he passed away.

  • From Jeannette Magdaleno

    My thoughts are with you and your family at this difficult time. I know Om from his wonderful classes on Sudoku and Laughter Therapy he taught at Friendship Village and feel fortunate to have met him. His calmness, words of wisdom and desire to help others are what I’ll always remember.

    Jeannette Magdaleno

  • From Jackie Butler

    I am saddened to learn of Om’s passing. Blessings to him and his loved ones.

  • From Chamu

    An extrodinary man, who has led an extrodinary life on his terms.

  • From Maria Mau

    With deepest appreciation for sharing the life of Dr. Om Johari in the email I received today. He touched me in a very positive way. Although I could not attend as many of his sessions as I would have liked, he and his messages were special and thought provoking. My ongoing struggles with cancer were helped by his insight about living. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  • From Jere Scott

    My condolence in the passing of your father. While I spoke with him often, most was by email. I was an AARP Driver Instructor in Springfield, IL. He was always so very kind and giving. May GOD bless his memories and his family.

  • From Brij Sharma

    It was a shock, when I read the message about passing away of Mr. Om Johari about a week ago. I tried to forward that sad message to all members of seniors group as well as to the Hindu Satsang Group. Just four days (March 14th) before this sad news, we received a message “On Meditation” from him. He was so active in his life routines and in the community service, nobody in these groups believed that all of a sudden he was no longer with us.

  • Remembering Om Johari

    Dr. Om Johari passed away on March 18, 2015 at his home in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. He is survived by his wife, Anu, and his two sons, Mahesh and Ramesh. The family established this page as a way to remember and celebrate his life, and give the many people he touched a way to share their remembrances with others.